What WIY$$$ Has Done

Here Are the Things That We Have Done in the Past
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  • TADITH: Where is Your $$$ 4-week class



  • Management Training Corporation (MTC): Money Matters Classes (weekly) &
  • Author for Quarterly Money Matters Newsletter


  • Sister’s Impacting Sister’s – Women’s Seminar
  • Workshop- “How to Manage Your Money”
  • We Are S.E.E.D.s, Inc – Personal and Team Development Training Retreat
  • Workshop- “Credit Matters”
  • Where is Your $$$ 6-week class
  • In October, Launched Where is Your $$$ Tele-Classes


  • American Association of University Women Philadelphia Branch, Inc. – Community College of Philadelphia & U. S. Department of Labor, Women’s Bureau Region III
  • Workshop- “Developing Your Personal Formula for Wealth (Financial Planning)”
  • Power Drug and Recovery Ministry
  • Motivational Presentation- “Making the Right Decisions”
  • Woman of Vision International, Inc. – Extraordinary Entrepreneurs
  • Guest Speaker- “It’s Your Time: Stop Struggling & Soar”
  • Community College Of Philadelphia
  • Workshop- “Maximizing Your Current Cash Flow”


  • Community College Of Philadelphia – Leadership Conference
  • Workshop- “Get Out of Debt Now!”
  • Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week
  • Seminar- “Personal Financial Management for Business Success”
  • Women of the Royal Court -California Chapter
  • Keynote Speaker- “Understanding Your Purpose”
  • Impacting Your World Ministries Convention
  • Workshop- “How to Grow Your Money Tree”
  • Television Interviews WPVI Channel 17 and NBN Channel 7
  • Where is Your $$$ 8-week class


  • Impacting Your World Ministries Finance Conference
  • Educational Workshop- “The Secrets to Supernatural Wealth”
  • Radio Interviews WDAS 1480 AM and WPHI 103.9FM
  • Where is Your $$$ 8-week class
  • Women of Vision International, Inc.
  • Motivational Presentation- “How to Increase Your Revenues With Money Management ”
  • T. D. Jakes Atlanta, Georgia MegaFest
  • Book Signing – “Where is Your $$$”