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Dr. Jacqueline V. Mayfield, DHA, MBA

Dr. Jacqueline V. Mayfield, DHA, MBA

Dr. Jacqueline V. Mayfield, DHA, MBA is affectionately known as “Dr. V.” She is the President and Founder of Where is Your Money, Inc. (WIYM), an organization that is concerned about the financial well-being of teens, college students, and adults.  She is the author of Where is Your $$$, a faith-based step-by-step system and practical guide that provides a blueprint to assist with paying bills on-time, eliminating debt, and developing a plan for future spending. In 2008, Dr. V. wrote her second book Step Over into Wealth. The goal of this book is to bridge the communication gap between generations to ensure that no one is overlooked through the money management process. She has also produced a motivational CD entitled, “It’s Your Time: Stop Struggling and Soar”.

Dr. V. is a business leader and instructor who has been an entrepreneur for more than twenty-five years.   She is licensed to provide life insurance and fixed indexed annuity investments. As a civic leader, she has developed strategic partnerships that have enabled her to creatively share her wealth of knowledge with numerous community development organizations.

Her passion is to empower and coach people on how to better manage their finances through one-on-one counseling sessions, interactive classes, and speaking at seminars and workshops.


 The Where is Your $$$ program empowers people to:

 Develop Financial Plans
Eliminate Debt
Increase their Credit Score
Establish a Legacy

Our CORE Values

Where is Your Money’s foundation for helping our clients manage their personal finances effectively is based on 5 core values.



Our Vision is to establish a financial institution where people can achieve financial growth and create wealth


Our mission is to educate and empower teens, college students, and adults with practical steps to pay their bills on-time, eliminate debt, and plan for their future spending. 

WIYM offers webinars, online coaching, and speaks at workshops and conferences to help individuals and families achieve their financial goals.  We provide practical information and steps for budgeting and investing.

WIYM Confession

I will spend my MONEY wisely…

I will frequently review and update my BUDGET…

I will PAY my BILLs ON-TIME…

I will do what is necessary to ensure that my FINANCIAL PLAN is a priority…

I will SAVE to meet my FINANCIAL GOALs…

I will INVEST for my future…

I will PAY down and then OFF my CREDIT CARDs…

I will say NO to unnecessary spending…

I will plan for VACATIONs and ENTERTAINMENT…

I will LOOK for SALEs…

I will RESPECT the clock and SAVE for RETIREMENT…


We did not know the importance of tracking all of your expenses and writing everything down until we used the ‘Where is YOUR $$$?’ system.  Now that we’ve worked with it, we’re even sensitive to recording receipts from our dollar store purchases.
Darin & Carissa Richardson

Business Owners

It’s awesome!  The book teaches with love and compassion because it’s from a personal experience.  I clearly see God’s hand in it!
Annie K. Kairo, MBA